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Shili Jiemu, a high-end whole-house custom brand focusing on Shimu Home. Created by senior experts in stone, wood and couture with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Shili Jiemu hopes to integrate professional knowledge and experience, select natural and timeless stone and wood, combined with modern smart home systems, and artistically transform the eternity of nature and the inheritance of home. We believe that home is not only a living space, but also a stage for personality display and cultural transmission. Through each well-crafted home product, we create a living space for customers that reflects both modern aesthetics and natural charm. The company focuses on building a supply chain platform for the building materials and decoration industry, and many of its companies cover import and export trade, bonded logistics, mining trade, stone processing, wood production and processing, stone sales, wood sales, stone and wood construction engineering services, Internet S2B2 park comprehensive operation services and other businesses. The company's strategic core is committed to building the whole industrial chain of home building materials, and strives to build five functional platforms of "Shili Jiemu": bonded logistics service platform, foreign trade comprehensive service platform, domestic trade circulation service platform in the central and western regions, stone production enterprise service platform, and supply chain financial service platform. Since its establishment, the company has built a good ecological foundation in all aspects of resources, production, trading, financing and circulation, and has continuously improved the supply chain of Shili Jiemu building materials decoration industry with the ecological combination model of strong industrial infrastructure + Internet virtual industrial cluster. The company has the largest stone industry city in Hubei Province, the central stone port Hong'an Strait International Stone Industry City slab processing center - Hubei Hongan Johnny Stone Industry Co., Ltd. covers an area of 70 acres, 12,000 square meters of block yard, 22,800 square meters of workshop. The company's stone processing center is Hubei Hongan Johnny Stone Industry Co., Ltd., which has rich processing experience and advanced machinery and equipment, and is equipped with 6 new frame saws, 2 new 20-head automatic grinding machines, new dryers, and 2 digital intelligent fossil scanners. There are 2 intelligent bridge cutting machines, 2 infrared bridge cutting machines, dust removal machines, hand cutting machines, automatic edging machines, semi-automatic line machines, rock slab CNC three-knife cutting, rock slab CNC back inverting machines, table top machining centers and other finishing machinery and equipment, building a number of complete marble processing production lines, smooth production, Seiko intelligent manufacturing. The company has a number of domestic and foreign mining partners, to achieve direct supply of mines, information and data linkage, on-site video counting and other online and offline integration mode, with a professional production team, professional management team, professional design team, professional engineering service team, relying on the company's mine resource advantages, strict selection of materials, strict control of production quality, to provide customers with a variety of materials and finished products. The group has set up a finishing engineering service center, focusing on providing customers with comprehensive products and technical support, and sound after-sales service.